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Quality Assurance Bootcamp
4 months intensive part-time program with guaranteed employment after successful graduation
And without any upfront fees!
Armenian Code Academy
3 Hakob Hakobyan, Yerevan
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What to Expect
Part Time Program
The program is scheduled to be from 7PM to 10PM during workdays and full time during the weekend
Guaranteed Employment
We guarantee that the graduate will find a job for 4 months after graduation.
No Upfront fees
You study, then pay only after getting a job, by giving a small share from your future income.
We Invest in Your Education
What is ISA?
Income Share Agreement (ISA) means that our success completely depends on your professional and financial growth. According to ISA students pay only when their salary exceed a certain monthly amount, and the fee is 20% of monthly gross salary until the entire tuition fee is not covered.
What is the tuition fee?
Tuition fee for the Coding Bootcamp is 850.000 AMD, but you start paying only when your salary reaches 150.000 AMD. If you want to pay in advance, you will get a huge discount. Payments must be made by the time the total amount is made. It means, faster your growth is, earlier you finish your payments.
Does it mean, that I will get a job anyway?
We guarantee your employment. It means, that if you're not employed in 4 months after the graduation, you have no financial obligations. From the very beginning we attract leading employers to these bootcamps to follow your success and consider you as a strong junior level QA candidate.

Find more information about the ISA and other organizational details in the F.A.Q. section.
Bootcamp Program
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QA Automation
English For Tech
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Final Project
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Will Armenian Code Academy help me to find a job?
Yes, you will have your personal career mentor in the final stage of the Bootcamp, who will be in charge of finding suitable positions. Also, each Bootcamp has a Market Intelligence module, where you will get a CV development support, market opportunities overview and specialised trainings on how to pass the tech interview.
What is the enrollment process like?
We have the following selection stages for all Bootcamps: exam, an assignment and / or an interview.
Assignment interview includes 3 small domain specific assignments and an assignment discussion with the Bootcamp lead.
Can I participate online?
Unfortunately, no. Coding Bootcamp is offline with some online lessons, and you have to visit Armenian Code Academy almost every day. We are located at Mergelyan Institute (3 Hakob Hakobyan, Yerevan).
I'm not ready for the full time program, can I take evening lessons only?
Most of the Coding Bootcamps are full time only, but QA Bootcamp allows you to join evening and weekend classes only, with 20 hours weekly engagement. For less intensive programs feel free to visit Armenian Code Academy's regular courses page.
Do I need a special equipment to participate in the Coding Bootcamp?
Yes, you will need your personal laptop to attend the Coding Bootcamp.
Will I have to pay the tuition fee if I don't find a job afterwards?
No, if you were not employed within 4 months after the graduation, you do not have to pay anything to Armenian Code Academy. In case you're in the process of moving from one company to another, or you have a force majeure situation (health issues, disability, army service, etc.), your payment schedule will be reviewed, and you will start paying again only after returning to your job.