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About the Course
Designed for beginners this course offers a deep dive into the strategies, tools, and techniques essential for success in today's digital landscape. From SMM and SEO to PPC campaigns and content creation, you'll master the core pillars of digital marketing through engaging lectures, hands-on projects, and real-life case studies.

Whether you're aiming to advance your career, boost your business, or just stay ahead of the curve, our course provides industry-relevant knowledge and practical skills you need to thrive in the constantly changing world of digital marketing.
Who will benefit from this course
  • 1
    Students pursuing degrees in marketing, business, communications, or related fields can gain valuable knowledge and practical skills by taking the course, which can improve their job prospects upon graduation.
  • 2
    Small business owners
    Small business owners with limited resources can learn cost-effective digital marketing techniques to promote their business, increase brand awareness, and generate leads without relying heavily on traditional advertising channels.
  • 3
    Career switchers
    Individuals looking to transition into a career in digital marketing from a different field can use this course to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to make a successful switch.
  • 4
    Anyone Interested in Marketing
    Whether you're a hobbyist, a stay-at-home parent looking to earn additional income, or simply curious about how marketing works in the digital age, a comprehensive digital marketing course can provide valuable insights and practical skills.
What you'll get
  • Internship opportunity
    Best students will be provided with an internship opportunity in different companies.
  • Practical Skills
    Course includes hands-on projects, case studies, and practical exercises that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • Portfolio Development
    Course involves creating digital marketing campaign as final project. These project can be included in your portfolio, showcasing skills and accomplishments to potential clients.
  • Guest lectures
    Connect with peers, mentors, and industry experts, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your professional network.
  • Interactive Learning
    Engage in lively discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies to deepen your understanding of AI concepts and their marketing applications.
  • Networking opportunities
    Connect with peers, mentors, and industry experts, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your professional network.
Course requirements
For participation in this course you will need
English knowledge
Course will contain materials in English. For the better understanding at least B1 lvl is required.
Free time
You will need 6-7 hours free time weekly for lessons and doing homework.
Constant motivation to learn will will guide you effectively throughout the course.
Course program
Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the fundamentals of marketing strategy to the latest trends in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, search engine management (SEM), and beyond. It gives you opportunity to gain all the essential practical knowledge to start your career in digital marketing.
Siran Khudaverdyan
Content Lead of the course
Marketing Manager at Cognaize
With 8 years of hands-on experience, currently serves as the Senior Marketing Manager at Cognaize, Siran leads the charge in crafting and implementing highly effective digital marketing strategies, both locally in Armenia and on a global scale.
Meet your tutors
  • Ina Avdalyan
    SEO Manager at SuperAnnotate
  • Tatev Torabyan
    Demand generation manager at Prodly
  • Rima Sargsyan
    Growth Lead at Azarian Growth Agency
  • Christina Manukyan
    Head of Content at Bizzarre
  • Albert Badalyan
    SEO Strategist at DigitalSilk
Learning process
Start. Meet your tutor and fellow students.
Lectures. You will get theoretical knowledge, acquainted with new technologies and working methodologies.
Discuss your homework and receive feedback from your tutor.
Graduation. Submit your final project and receive the course certificate.
Upcoming group
Start date:
3 month
Weekly load:
4-6 hours
Course price
69,000 AMD per month
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