Data Analytics Pro։
The Complete
Expert Program
Your dream career is 5 months away.
Start your journey today!
Data Analytics Pro։
The Complete
Expert Program
Your dream career is 5 months away.
Start your journey today!
Ready to revolutionize
your career?
Dive deep into the world of data with our Data Expert Program!
Over 5 intensive months, you'll master data analysis, predictive modeling, and visualization, database management, utilization of Python libraries like NumPy and Pandas, and leading-edge business intelligence tools.

Learn directly from industry leaders, work on diverse projects, and gain practical skills. Our up-to-date syllabus ensures you're fully aligned with market requirements.

Don't miss your chance to become a true data expert.
Apply today and transform your future!
What you'll get
  • 1
    Learn and Practice:
    Dive into 100 hours of learning and hands-on practice.
  • 2
    End-to-End Projects:
    Work on projects like the pros, from start to finish.
  • 3
    Case Studies:
    Solve real problems with practical case study sessions.
  • 4
    Collaborative Learning:
    Collaborate with peers for better understanding.
  • 5
    Get personalized help from experienced mentors.
  • Develop Essential Tools
    Strengthen skills with key tools such as Python, SQL, and Power BI for effective data analysis.
  • Master Data Analysis Techniques
    Learn advanced data analysis methods like predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and trend forecasting.
  • Execute Advanced Data Projects
    Gain hands-on experience with sophisticated data projects, including data acquisition, cleansing, visualization, and interpretation for real-world scenarios.
  • Data Storytelling and Visualization
    Learn to effectively communicate insights, trends, and patterns using compelling visual narratives.
  • Drive Informed Decision-Making
    Learn to extract actionable insights from complex datasets to drive data-driven decision-making across various industries.
  • Optimize Business Processes
    Explore techniques to improve business processes, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency using data-driven approaches.
Program Lead
    Garegin Ordyan
    VP of Analytics at Fivetran
    Garegin Ordyan has over 12 years of experience in the field.

    He started his career in data and analytics at a consulting firm, focusing on projects like reporting and business intelligence. All of those projects required heavy data involvement on various platforms. Now, he's the Vice President of Data & Analytics at Fivetran - a top-tier data integration company, simplifying data management for businesses.

    Garegin received his bachelor's degree in Physics from UC Berkeley but has since left academia and transitioned to data and tech.

    He is often in Yerevan during the summer and is passionate about companies becoming more data-driven, especially those in Armenia.
    Meet Your Mentors
    • Samvel Gharibyan
      Analytics Engineer
    • Héra Kantardjian
      Analytics Manager
    • Hayk Danielyan
      BI Engineer
      Questrade Financial Group
    • Arev Doursounian
      Advanced Analytics Manager
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    April, 25
    5 months
    Course Price
    The full course price is 720,000 AMD.
    Save 144,000 AMD by paying in advance.

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    108,000 AMD
    120,000 AMD
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