A 3-month intensive program with guaranteed employment after successful graduation
About the Program
This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about Dynamics 365, a Microsoft platform that helps automate business processes in industries like banking, manufacturing, and field service.
  • Dynamics 365 Frontend Development:
    Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript web resources and the Dynamics 365 SDK.
  • Dynamics 365 Backend Development:
    Using business processes and plugins with C# .NET and the Dynamics 365 SDK.
  • Dynamics 365 Core Customizations:

    Adapting solutions to meet business needs.

  • Dynamics 365 Security Setup:
    Customization of role-based, record-based, and field-based security settings.

What to Expect

Learning and Development
Learn new tools, technologies and methodologies

Guaranteed Paid Internship
At the end of the course, the top-performing students will be offered a paid internship opportunity.
Professional Growth
Continuous development and improvement, new domain expertise
We Invest in Your Career
  • What is BEVER?
    Bever Systems, as a Microsoft partner, helps its customers build a digital enterprise step by step on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power platforms.Our teams customer experience and industry knowledge, including innovative solutions, help companies achieve their goals and ensure long-term success.
  • What is paid internship?
    A paid internship is a temporary work arrangement in which a company or organization compensates the intern with a salary or hourly wage.
  • Will I get a job offer afterwards?
    This internship can significantly enhance a student's chances of getting a job, so, it guarantees employment.

Major/ Field of Study/ Year of Study
If yes, where are you currently working?
Ruben Aghajanyan
Ruben is a certified Dynamics 365 Specialist with over 9 years of experience. He and his team assist small and medium-sized businesses in digitizing their processes using Microsoft Business Applications. Ruben holds a PhD in Computer Science from Yerevan State University, where he graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.