by Armenian Code Academy
From lead acquisition to customer support, sales teams often need assistance to seal deals effectively. AI sales assistant software streamlines processes with machine learning and automation, rivaling a small forward on a fast break.

Explore our top picks and supercharge your sales workflow with AI in 2024!
1. HubSpot – ChatSpot: Free AI assistant merging ChatGPT with HubSpot CRM data
Key features

  • Capable of producing written content
  • Able to generate images
  • Analyzes website SEO
  • Summarizes content
  • Generates reports and surveys
2. Zia: Conversational Sales Assistant by Zoho
Key features

  • Capable of crafting business emails and social media content.
  • Predicting successful deals: Zia forecasts which deals are likely to close, enabling sales representatives to prioritize high-value customers.
  • Generating reports efficiently.
  • Utilizing AI for predictions.
  • Sorting responses based on the sentiment and intention detected in each customer email.
3. SaneBox: Best for Email Management
Key features

  • Email Deep Clean: A feature for efficiently deleting older and unnecessary emails.
  • SaneReminders: Enables sending email reminders.
  • SaneLater: Automatically relocates inbox distractions to a designated folder.
  • SaneNews: A folder for organizing newsletters and mailing lists to be viewed later.
4. Pipedrive: Best for Managing and Tracking Sales Activities
Key features

  • Email and communication tracking.
  • Lead generation chatbot.
  • Web visitor tracking.
  • Email analytics and reporting.
5. Apollo AI: Best for Prospect Identification and Lead Generation

  • Lead scoring capability.
  • Lead database and search.
  • Outreach tools.
  • Email open and click tracking.
6. Sembly AI: Best for Recording, Transcribing, and Generating Smart Meeting Summaries
Key features

  • Integrates with CRM tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Sembly meeting notes with AI summary (supports 42+ languages).
  • Multi-language meeting transcription.
  • Upload audio or video files to generate a transcript.
7. Murf AI: Best for AI Voice Generator
Key features

  • Offers over 120 voices.
  • Supports over 20 languages.
  • 8,000+ licensed soundtracks.
  • Youtube/Vimeo imports.
  • The voice editor allows you to change the pitch, tone, and speaking style.
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