Advanced JavaScript Full Course

a 6-month advanced course
save time and resources
get a personalized approach
become a competitive programmer
Join the unique, 6-month full course designed to provide you with the essential background as a future frontend engineer.

Master the profession of the century with our special program and enhance your skills in JavaScript, React.js, UX essentials and Product Management.

  • Intensive Program
    a program that matches the skills needed in the labor market
  • Final Project/Portfolio
    practical tasks
    opportunity to work on a final project
  • Assistance in finding a job
    at the end of the course, the best students receive support in their job search
Our graduates work at
  • Gevorg Petrosyan
    Associate Software Engineer at Optym
    I took online JS courses on the advice of my friends. Our lecturer motivated us very much and had an impact on us. Eventually, I passed the Bootcamp exam and started a job.

    To keep it short, I can say that I have a high opinion of this course because it helped me change my profession at the age of 35.
  • Vahan Zakaryan
    React Developer at CodeInno
    Thanks to the tutor's skillful and interesting conduct in the class, I entered the tech industry, where I made further professional growth.

    Now, I work as a React.js developer and recently I've started my teaching experience as well.
  • Hrant Harutyunyan
    Junior Frontend Developer
    The course fully met my expectations.

    I recommend all students take their first steps to study with this course. The caring attitude and attention of the lecturers made it possible to fully master the JS language and the React.js library.
  • 85%
    employment rate
  • 1000+
    JS graduates
  • 100+
    partner employers
  • 300+
    tech experts network
Program Syllabus
  • Frontend Engineering
  • ReactJS
  • Final Project
  • UX/UI Design Essentials
  • CV Writing
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Product Management
  • Market Intelligence
Program Tutor
  • Davit Margaryan
    Chief Technology Officer @ Buildern
Davit is a Chief Technology Officer at Buildern and a JavaScript tutor at ACA. Having more than a 10 years experience in Software Engineering, Davit will share his knowledge and help you make your first steps as a competitive developer.
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